About Us
A Chitrakar Kiosk exciting game-style unit kiosk creates beautiful artistic quality sketches in a flash! The customers simply pose and select a classic Portrait and watch their sketch drawn right before their eyes! The computerized system automatically adjusts to print a horizontal or vertical portrait depending on the number of people posing. Create your own hand-sketched portrait. Guests are invited to stand in our sketch booth while our virtual artist sketches your exact likeness. Our Photo Sketch Machines can accommodate one or two people at a time. The kiosk is easy to use.

Chitrakar Sketch Machine can be provided for parties / events / festivals / college or corporate gatherings. It can also be installed in retail / malls etc. The Chitrakar Sketch Machine will give instant sketches for invitees within a minute and would form as a permanent memory for the recipient. So it makes event special.

Wedding, Seminars, conferences, Birthday parties, get together, anniversaries any occasion is good enough for lifelong memories. Rent the Sketch machine for one day or a week and get in 2 minutes beautiful B & W or Color sketches for your friends delegates or relatives.

It is very important that you can transport Chitrakar kiosk very easy because it can be separated in to two parts. The body of the kiosk can be branded and the brand logo can be inserted into each sketch. Sketches are remain on the consumer's wall forever. Custom made frames with branding can also be made available. This unique advertising and promotion solution is present in over 50 prime locations in malls and retail establishments across the country. Activities can be carried out simultaneously at multiple locations.

Kiosks are also available on rent for use in Trade Shows, Conferences, etc.